Action Truing$150-300
Barrel Chamber & Install
(Includes muzzle threads)
Muzzle Threading$100-150
Stock Bedding$250
Cerakote, one color$150
Cerakote, additional colors$50
AK type builds$350+
AR builds$75+
General Gunsmithing Rate, minimum half hour$50/hr
Base bedding, ring lapping/bedding, scope mountingquote
Factory rifle evaluation and accurizingquote
Thread bolt handle for oversize knob$50
Pin & Weld muzzle device$50+
Laser Engraving for NFA, SBR, etc.$30
Machine Gun Repairsemail for quote
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New CellNew Cell
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Lead time varies depending on work load and parts availability. Typically 2-4 weeks once all parts are in the shop. 

We prefer that customers supply all/most parts for their build. Due to the wide range of options and customer preferences we don't keep a large inventory of parts on hand.   If Perry Precision is sourcing all parts for a custom build, we require a 50% deposit before work begins. This is necessary because of customers requesting custom builds and then not paying or responding when work is completed. 

*non stocked reamers, or custom chambers may incur an extra fee if custom throating or neck diameters are needed and the reamer is not provided by the customer.